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Amul 4 Cheese Pizza(Store In Freezer)

Devour this pizza with the perfect proportion of bread, sauce and a blend 4 cheese. This yummy 4 cheese pizza is ready to eat all you got to do is pop it in the microwave until you see the cheese melt and bubble. It is perfect for a lazy day meal. Pizza base, Amul Cheese (Mozzarella, Gouda,Cheddar and Emmental)

Amul Burger Patty,360gm

This is a vegetarian product

Amul French Fries,200gm

Made from chemical free potatoes selected from various patato growers across India, Amul fries our 9mm long and crisp

Amul Veggie Stix,425gm

Amul Happy Treats Veggie Stix is a delicious, crisp and golden brown snack, which is a favourite amongst kids, making it an ideal quick snacking option for children. It is also the best way to delight the unannounced guest as these delicious Veggie Stix can be prepared in just 3 minutes.