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Amul Cookie & Cream Tub

225.00 200.00
Cookie & Cream, is a true blend of cookie and rich vanilla ice cream, with real bits of cookie in each bite, made of 100% milk fat

Amul Creme Rich Almond Fudge (Pack of 3)

120.00 110.00
4Pc-Pack of the irresistible Rich Almond fudge
Amul brings you Premium Creme Almond fudge ice cream, a premium for quality dessert for all occasion. This is a perfect summer time treat for everyone and with the premium quality ensured, you can consume it without any worries

Amul Crunchy Butterscotch Tub

Amul Butterscotch ice cream gives you the crunch and Caramel blend of real butterscotch in each scoop , made of 100% milk fat, is a rich and creamy in taste and texture

Amul Epic Belgium Choco Almond, (Pack of 4)

Bits of almond embedded in rich pure dark Belgium chocolate, a pure delight, made from 100% milk fat

Amul King Alphonso Tub

225.00 210.00
King Alphonso,King Alphonso, is a true delight for a mango lover, with real bits of mango in each bite, made of 100% milk fat

Amul Pure Punjabi Kulfi (Pack of 20Pc)

Amul brings you the delight and beautiful taste of Kulfi in its Amul Punjabi Kulfi Ice cream. It is a perfect treat for you in the scorching summer heat. Just open the pack and enjoy the cool and chilly kulfi with family and friends

Amul Rajbhog Cup(Pack of 8pc)

280.00 260.00
Amul rajbhog real ice cream serves the traditional rajbogh flavour with dry fruits to add to the authenticity of Indian flavours with the goodness of milk.

Amul Rich Choco Chip Ice Cream Tub

200.00 190.00
Made From Real Milk Fat,Bits of delicious Amul Dark Chocolate in every bite

Amul Rich Vanilla 4lt Gallon

360.00 330.00
rich smooth vanilla, made from 100%milk fat

Amul Rich Vanilla Tub

Amul Vanilla, made of 100% milk fat, is a rich and creamy in taste and texture

Amul Sugar Free Vanilla Cup (8Pc Set)

240.00 210.00
Guilt free. Worry free. Sugar free. Amul Sugar Free probiotic medium fat ice cream.