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Amul Dark Chocolate Drink

25.00 22.00
This delicious drink revitalises immediately with the nutritional benefits of milk and refreshes with the redolent taste of dark chocolate

Amul Double Chocolate Milk Shake Can

40.00 35.00
Far the chocolate lovers, this is a treat to relish, with double the chocolate dose

Amul Ginger Doodh Can

25.00 22.00
With the goodness of Amul milk, ginger forms a perfect immunity booster in the form of ginger latte ginger is a widely used and recommended Ayurvedic spice

Amul Haldi Doodh Can,125ml

25.00 22.00
  • Amul Haldi Doodh is a milk-based drink, with real Turmeric extract and added Kesar-Badam flavor

Amul Haldi Doodh Can,200ml

30.00 27.00
Amul Haldi Doodh is a milk-based drink, with real Turmeric extract and added Kesar-Badam flavor

Amul Kool Badam Can

35.00 32.00
Amul Badam milk will give you bites of rela badam bits in every sip made from 100% pure milk and badam.

Amul Kool Badam Pet Bottle

20.00 18.00
Amul Kool Rose changes the definition of milk and makes the term milk more mouth-watering.

Amul Kool Cafe Can

40.00 30.00
Kool classic latte can, Is a treat for all the coffee lovers, perfect blended coffee, can be served HOT & COLD

Amul Kool Cafe Cinnamon Can, 200 ml

30.00 27.00
Indulge in your favourite, rich and creamy coffee in the exciting cinnamon flavour. Shake the pack, open it and treat yourself with this flavourful and aromatic experience. Best for all your small hunger pangs, enjoy this delight whenever you want.

Amul Kool Café Hazelnut Can, 200Ml

30.00 27.00
A new addition to the Amul Café range- Cold coffee with delectable hazelnut flavor Cold coffee for a great start

Amul Kool Cafe Pet Bottle

25.00 22.00
Amul Cold coffee is a treat to relish for all coffee lovers made from 100% pure milkCoffee

Amul Kool Elaichi Pet Bottle

25.00 23.00
Delight your taste buds with Amul Kool Elaichi flavoured milk.

Amul Kool Kesar Pet Bottle

25.00 23.00
Remember the good old days when your mother used to ask you to drink 'Kesar

Amul Kool Sugar Free Kesar

25.00 23.00
Enjoy goodness of kesar without sugar, best in taste as well as keeping a track on your calories

Amul Mango Lassi

With goodness of mango. 200 ml. Tetra Pak. Ideal for all occasions, Amul Mango Lassi is refreshing and delicious, with a tempting taste. It tastes great when chilled and is a flavoursome summer drink for all.

Amul Mango Milkshake Can

30.00 27.00
Made with a perfect blend of pure milk and bits of real mangoes in each sip

Amul Mango Smoothie

25.00 22.00
Amuls Mango Smoothie is a lifestyle drink that suits all ages and is a healthy, natural milk based drink which provides an alternative to carbonated soft drinks. Experience the rich, smooth and creamy mango flavour engulf you palate and taste buds as you sip in its authenticity.

Amul Masti Buttermilk (chaach)

12.00 11.00
Every ones Favourite. The meal for us Indians is not complete if it isn't followed by Buttermilk popularly termed as Chhash or Mattha.

Amul Masti Buttermilk 1Lt

50.00 45.00
The meal for us Indians is not complete if it isn't followed by Buttermilk popularly termed as Chhash or Mattha.

Amul Pro Drink, 250ml

35.00 30.00
This whey protein malt beverage comes in chocolate flavour. It is a lifestyle drink that targets kids as well as working class who looks for ready to drink healthy breakfast drink on the move. This is a healthy, natural milk-based drink that provides a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks. Ingredients Toned Milk, Sugar, Malt Based Food (4.9%), Permitted Stabiliser (E 407). Contains Permitted Natural Colour (E 160a(Ii)) & Added Flavours

Amul Rose Lassi

Lassee, Hamara apna cold drink also termed as the creamy summer cooler, is Punjab's contribution in the healthy beverages of the Nation To be taken directly on move (small pack) or at home, parties, picnics etc. (family pack) Tastes best when Chilled.”

Amul Smoothie Vanilla Milkshake Pet Bottle

30.00 27.00
Thick and delicious milkshake in Vanilla flavour. Shelf Life, 180 days when stored in cool and dry place

Amul Tru Apple

10.00 9.00
Amul TRU is a fruit drink having goodness of milk perfectly blended with nutrition of fruit. Amul TRU Apple contains 41% fruit

Amul Tru Litchi

10.00 9.00
Amul Tru contains 30% fruit.

Amul Tru Mango

10.00 9.00
dairy based refreshing mango drink, with 20% fruit concentrate, highest in its category

Amul Tru Orange

10.00 9.00
Amul Tru contains 30% fruit.

Vanilla Milkshake,1Lt(Get 1 India Dark/Milk chocolate free)

with 1lt of vanilla milkshake get 1bar of India milk chocolate free