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Alpen The Original Swiss Style UK’s No.1 Muesli 375gm

This is a Vegetarian product. 100% Natural Ingredients Low in Saturated Fat High in Fibre With Delicious Net Weight 375g

American Garden Pancake Syrup – 710 ml

This is a Vegetarian product. Used to make breakfast treats like pancakes even more special American garden pancake syrup has the perfect touch of maple syrup that gives it a unique taste For sweetness throughout the day, choose from our chocolate and strawberry syrups to drizzle over ice cream sundaes, cakes and other dessert creations A delight for all

Amul Camel Milk 200ml

Camel milk is a natural source of Insulin Like Protein It is pasturised in state of the art processing plant

Amul Dark Compound cooking chocolate

Finest Amul dark chocolate is now available in a compound slab for you to use it in your bakery,

Amul Milk Compound Cooking Chocolate Slab

Finest Amul Milk chocolate is now available in a compound slab for you to use it in your bakery,

Amul Mithai Mate Tin

The richest condensed milk amongst its competitors with 9% milk fat contet. Can be used to prepare: Gajar ka Halwa, Kheer, Narial ke laddoo, Rasmalai, Icecream, Chocolate, Baked Products, Pies, Sauces, Cakes, Candies,Toppings and Caramel etc.

Amul Peanut Butter Creamy Spread

This is a Vegetarian product. Made from 100% pure Amul butter and best sourced peanuts with a creamy texture High on Protein Content, Can be stored at Room temperature

Amul Peanut Spread Crunchy 300gm,

This is a Vegetarian product. made with Amul butter with bits of finest peanuts in every bite Peanut butter with bits of Peanut

Amul Sugar Free Vanilla Cup (8Pc Set)

Guilt free. Worry free. Sugar free. Amul Sugar Free probiotic medium fat ice cream.

Amul Sugar-Free Butter Cookie

Amul cookies are made with premium ingredients. Has the richness of real Amul Butter. From the House of Amul, enjoy every bite of delicious cookies. These sugarless cookies are the perfect thing to munch on without any guilt. Tame your small hunger pang with these healthy delights.

Amul White Compound (20%Milk Fat) Cooking Slab

base product for bakery, confectionary and ice cream , made from 100% milk fat, keep in cool and dry place

Antico Casale Red Pesto Rosso

When you think of pesto, Antico castle is the brand preferred across Italy.