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Amul Butter Almond Nankhatai, 200gm

90.00 85.00
Amul Butter Nankhatai is made from Amul Butter and whole wheat flour (Atta), unlike other branded Nankhatai which is made from veg. fat and Maida. Tame your hunger pangs with these delicious cookies. Each bite will make your tastebuds fall in love with the delicious flavour. Ingredients Atta, White Butter(26%), Sugar, Milk Solids, Semolina, Almond, Elaichi (0.7%), Iodised Salt, Baking Powder.

Amul Butter Nankhatai Elaichi, 200gm

80.00 75.00
Product description. Nankhatai is a traditional staple from Surat which is bought to you in all its wholesome goodness and utterly butterly tastiness by Amul the

Amul Dark Passion Wafer Tub(Pack of 36pc)

 crunchy dark chocolate wafers in a Tub
  • Quantity: 15 gm each
  • Comes in Pack of 36
  • It's made with the finest ingredients and delicious cocoa

Amul French Fries,200gm

33.00 31.00
Made from chemical free potatoes selected from various patato growers across India, Amul fries our 9mm long and crisp